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Scarborough WA, Australia

Are you a time-poor professional, small business, individual or busy family? Do you constantly feel like life gets in the way of accomplishing your tasks and ultimately achieving your goals? Are you searching for someone with a passion for planning and organisation?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place! Allyaide is a professional and friendly Perth-based resource helping to alleviate stress and create more time for what’s most important to you. Services include virtual business support, personal errands, and event assistance and support.

Allyaide was founded in 2017 and is headed by Alex Michel. With a reputation for getting the job done, Ally has established herself as a dependable ‘go to’ person amongst her personal and professional network. Allyaide is prepared to assist you with any business or personal tasks, scheduled ahead of time or at short notice.

Whether you are a family needing a rest from the weekly shop, a business needing to minimise a never-ending pile of paperwork, or an events manager needing an extra set of hands, let’s work together.

Let me help you get your life or business back to where you’d like it to be.

Drop me a line so we can have a chat about how Allyaide can enter your world!

Mobile // 0418 466 412
Email // [email protected]


Alex is always one step ahead. She thinks on her feet, is proactive, positive and always makes me feel calm and trusted in her abilities. She uses great common sense and business practice to get things done. She asks very few questions and seems to just get it!

8 Reviews
  • "Great addition to B2Me! "

    The start-up journey is a challenging one as you are trying to juggle a number of issues that compete for your time. Alex has provided much needed support at critical times by providing personal assistance to me as the CEO of B2Me. Alex is very quick to learn and went out of her way in her own time to learn our CRM which she picked up on very quickly. She is very personable, and our community members tell us how pleasant she is to talk to.

    Dr Ray Bartell -
  • "Travel research guru! "

    I am overwhelmed, totally amazed and very impressed! After asking Alex to research information for an upcoming trip interstate, she provided with me far more information than I had ever imagined! Alex is fantastic, efficient and quick and I am very grateful for her excellent service. She provides fantastic support to people like me who are sometimes so busy we can’t do everything that’s needed. I would love for her to be my PA again soon!

    Susan M -
  • "Queen of organisation, attention to detail and initiative! "

    I have worked with Alex for a number of years now and there are a multitude of reasons why! Alex is the ultimate professional who brings a high-level of organisation, attention to detail and initiative to every task asked of her. Her wealth of knowledge across medical, corporate and non-profit industries make her a triple threat, meaning she can adapt her skills to any situation without hesitation. Alex has exceptional skills in identifying areas of improvement in processes and efficiencies. I sought Alex out specifically to employ these skills to develop and implement a domestic and international postage system to service over 9,000 doctors worldwide for 2 years now. Alex will bring all these skills (and many more) as well as a fantastic personable attitude to anyone lucky enough to work with her!

    Chloe Camilleri -
  • "My Go-To!"

    Alex is my absolute go-to! No task is too big or small, and her initiative, efficiency, attention to detail, and professionalism are incredibly impressive.
    As a small business owner, being able to work with someone as amazing as Alex has been an absolute game changer. Not only has she been an enormous help on a variety of projects, but she’s one of the nicest, most lovely people I’ve ever met.

    Emily Bathgate -
  • "The Queen of Attention to Detail"

    Working with Alex has been a game changer for me. Her ability to do her research, show initiative and know my business inside out means that I hardly need to explain a thing. My business has moved forward in ways I never thought possible and the stress levels have been significantly reduced. Alex’s attention to detail and professionalism are second to none. A powerful addition to any business or logistical project.

    Luka Lesson -
  • "My right hand"

    My business Daisy’s Home Help grew faster than I could ever imagine leaving me scrambling to keep on top of everything. As a business reliant on systems, processes & scheduling, I needed to find someone who new their stuff. Alex made it her personal mission to find out how my business worked, how I WANTED it to work & set about finding programs & making suggestions to make my business run smoothly. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that due to her organizational skills, my business runs like clockwork & I know I can continue to grow it with confidence. I highly recommend Alex to anyone struggling with time management, systems & scheduling. .

    Lorraine Catalano -
  • "Very professional, friendly, long distance not a problem! "

    I have been amazed at how much Alex pays attention to details and wants my business to succeed! She is a very goal driven person and is always looking out for my best interests. Even tough we are in different parts of the world, she is easy to communicate with and responses in a timely manner. Very pleased to have found her and have her as a part of my business!

    Molly Larsen -
  • "Sometimes all you have to do is ask!"

    You have this fantastic product. All the marketing material is ready to go. You’ve even started a list of potential clients you want to reach out to. The problem? A lack of resources to obtain specific contact details for the right people.

    At a recent networking event I’d mentioned to CEO of B2Me, Ray Bartell, that I found it frustrating to have everything in place only to be faced with another uphill – the time and effort to obtain accurate contact information before approaching a client. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Ray, highly recommended Alex Michel from Allyaide, and I haven’t looked back since.

    Long story short, Alex was given an excel sheet with over 200 company names, and that was it! As a starting point, we had agreed to tackle the first 50 companies, just to test the waters. What Alex did in 4.5 hours on first pass was absolutely stunning. A blank canvas was transformed into a database with a plethora of intricate information. I’m sure with A LOT of time and energy I eventually could have hunted down this information, however we place a value on our time and how we spend it.

    If you’re looking for an OUTSTANDING, professional and friendly Perth-based virtual PA, then look no further than Alex Michel from Allyaide.

    Craig French Hendry -

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Scarborough WA, Australia

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