Simplified super for self-employed folks
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When you’re self-employed, traditional funds slam you with all sorts of complicated forms and painful procedures.

So you sometimes find yourself asking:

“Am I doing this right?” “Am I putting enough away?”

“Am I paying too much tax?”

“Doesn’t the superfund automatically sort this out?”

We hear you.

You’ve been doing the best you can with the structure created for the old decade. But the times… they are a changin’.

Think no more confusion. No more clunky workarounds. Just an easy, 3 step action plan that effortlessly gets you on top of your super.

Your 3 Step Action Plan

Step 1: Save

You get two accounts: Saver and Super. Hook up the Saver account to your bank and start stashing money away without locking it up in super.

Step 2: Contribute

Tell us how much you’d always like available in your Saver account (for dipping into, in case you need it). Then, once a quarter, we’ll transfer everything over that amount into your Super account.

Step 3: Claim tax deduction

Stop paying more tax than you need to. Automate your tax deduction claims and we’ll give you all the receipts to hand over to your accountant at tax time.


Super. Convenient.

We won’t kill the vibe with legacy paper-based processes. GigSuper is an app-first financial services provider, meaning you approach super the way you approach work – on your own terms, at your convenience.

Get in touch for more information, we would love to hear from you.

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Goods Shed North, 710 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia

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