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Get unstuck. Move forward. Come alive.

We’re not your typical corporate consultant types. We’re a team of passionate, slightly quirky, and curious people with decades of unique global experience from US$1b startups to worldwide digital media organisations to government agencies.

We focus on providing resources and services to grow your startup as well as the professional and personal growth of managers and leaders.

The outcome we drive?  Healthier startups. Healthier people. That’s our “why” and yes, you have Simon Sinek to thank for the inclusion of that slightly corny phrase.  If that doesn’t stir anything inside you, we’re probably not a great fit. Or you’re made of cement.

? The Stuff We Do.

    • In the early stages of a startup, you (the founder/s) are the most important brand. Externally, we help position you, and ultimately your company, as an industry thought leader. Internally, we manage your persona as an inspirational leader. We do this by cutting through the crap and uncovering your unique viewpoint, writing words, and creating content to make you look amazing. We will push you to find your voice and speak up.
    • There are lots of first-time managers in a startup. Being a manager and a leader are different. Managers need to be incredible leaders in an early-stage startup. You need staff to trust them and follow them down the inevitable dark unknown roads you’ll encounter. The manager community in your startup is one of the most influential when it comes to early business growth and success. Invest in continuous learning through our mentoring, coaching and workshops. We can coach* your key staff/teams across functional areas, strategic initiatives or execution including within sales, marketing, software development, product management, engineering, customer success, operations or broad business strategy. (*we call it coaching, not consulting, because when we come and provide our expertise and advice, we do it in a manner that builds skills and knowledge in your team to help you grow and be self-sufficient. Most “consulting” isn’t done like this.)
    • People and culture are one of the few ways you can still obtain a genuine competitive advantage in this globalised and commoditised digital world. Building a strong leadership team in your startup with real purpose, clarity, transparency and ability to execute is paramount. Often, this is poorly thought out in many startups. Leadership teams get cobbled together, uncertain of what they are supposed to do. We can fix that through our workshops and services. You’ll soon see the culture you intended for your company thrive. No jerks, no a**holes, no office politics.
    • We’re not robots (yet). We all have personal issues to deal with, decisions to make, strengths and weaknesses. We’ve been on the journey many founders and CEOs are going through too. We get it… we all get a bit you-know-what in the head sometimes. We provide coaching and mentoring to support personal growth, avoid feelings of loneliness and support your mental wellbeing.

? We work globally.

Our team has worked and lived across EMEA, APAC, NORTH AMERICA and LATAM.  Our clients benefit from these well-established networks and resources. Although all now based in Perth, Australia, we work globally both using remote technology or hopping on a rocket ship (when Elon has them ready…maybe just a plane for now).

? What you should do.

You already know. If you lead a startup, you’re a resourceful kind of person who jumps at the opportunity to connect and talk with anyone. Because you never know where conversations lead or who the next person to help you will be (hint: it will most likely be us). So shoot us an email or pick up the phone for a chat… all good things start with a conversation, and we love listening. There are no fees for a getting-to-know you chat… I mean, we’re not lawyers (sorry, lawyers). ? ❤️

❗️Also, follow us on all the socials. We give away a ton of useful insights and information – hate for you to miss out.

Seriously, you read this far? Oh boy.

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Perth WA, Australia

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