SEO copywriter for eco and handmade brands
Sydney NSW, Australia

I write SEO copy that gets eco and handmade brands found online.

I create readworthy, Google-friendly words that connect with your audience.

Cut-to-the-chase copy that tells your buyer what’s in it for them.

Words that tell your customer how you can solve their problem.

Words that get hearts connecting, minds dreaming, “Buy now” buttons clicking.

I’m the right copywriter for you if…

  • You’re an established brand with a clear idea about what you stand for, who you serve and what sets you apart.
  • You want copy that takes your brand from DIY to “oh my!”
  • You know SEO is important but need help to get it right.
  • You like a down-to-earth style of writing.
  • You want a website that sounds like you but you just can’t find the right words.
  • Sustainability is important to you – and to your buyers
  • Your customers are well informed, conscious consumers

If these things make your heart shine, I’m your girl.

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Sydney NSW, Australia

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