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45 Bundarra Street, Blackheath NSW, Australia

Hello! I’m Jarrah…

…and I am an award-winning social media strategist, with a huge passion for the potential the digital marketing space holds when it comes to turning startups into *profitable* businesses [with strong communities behind them to match!]

As an avid user of social media since I was just 10 years old, it’s no surprise that social media strategy is my specialty/life purpose!

With what started as a hobby; strategising + scaling the social media of small businesses, I began to attract a large amount of attention from fellow startups, seeking my counsel, advice and services to help their business see the same results [i.e. sales, leads, conversions, brand awareness + all the other good stuff!]

It was from here that I founded Socials By Jarrah in June of 2018, and I have since continued to educate, train, manage and strategise within the digital marketing space. #livingtheDREAM.

With a proven track record of social media marketing success — i.e. working with brands with hundreds of thousands of social media followers, to working with brands with a few hundred [and subsequently scaling them to thousands more within a matter of months], I believe in the power that social media marketing has to take small businesses to new heights… and I won’t stop until every business owner + fellow entrepreneur unlocks this potential with me!

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45 Bundarra Street, Blackheath NSW, Australia

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