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I use rad words to make cool shit happen for awesome brands. Copywriting, editing, brand storytelling, and packaging copy services.
Brisbane QLD, Australia

Let’s grab a margarita and chat.

My name is Shanny. Writer. Wine Enthusiast. Collector of tattoos + questionable life choices.

When it comes to creating copy, I’m all for keepin’ sh*t real.

I’mma be straight up with you: I don’t do boring. I don’t do conservative.  I don’t play it safe and I sure as f*ck don’t follow the rules.

I’m not the kind of copywriter you take home to meet your mother (unless your mum likes the f-word and drinking wine at 2 pm on a Tuesday).

I do, however, specialise in creating kickass, click-worthy, personality-driven copy for out-of-the-box thinkers who aren’t afraid to spark a revolution. (Which is just a fancy-schmancy way of saying I write sassy and funny AF words for people who like to be different.)

Look, I hate to break this to you, player, but your copy is what connects you to the most important people in your business: Your customers. And those savvy mofos ain’t going to buy your sh*t if they’re bored AF by your message.

Because let’s get real: Copy is more than just words. Your copy showcases your personality. It’s where your brand shows its (metaphorical) balls, bares its teeth, winks at the cute guy or girl in the corner, and struts its sh*t like Kanye on payday.

And that’s how I can help: by connecting the dots between what you have to say and how to share that sh*t with the people who need to hear it. Just think of me as your friendly neighbourhood dialogue dealer, your personal punctuation pimp.

Want engaging, bullsh*t-free, personality-driven copy that gets you noticed for all the right reasons? You betcha’ ass you do.

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Brisbane QLD, Australia

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